Let’s teach everyone about big data

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Demol­ish­ing the straw men of big data.


It’s the tooling, not the terabytes

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With all the hype about big data it’s some­times hard to real­ise that it’s about more than just data. In fact, it’s real interest doesn’t come from big-ness at all.


No data scientists

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Data sci­ence” and “data sci­ent­ist” are not good terms — for anything.


No-cost journals

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What have sci­entific journ­als ever done for us? And can we get the bene­fits without the access issues?


Funded PhD positions available

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The School of Com­puter Sci­ence at the Uni­ver­sity of St Andrews has around eight  fully-funded PhD pos­i­tions avail­able. I’d wel­come applic­ants inter­ested in sensor net­works, com­plex sys­tems, and data science.


CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations competition 2013/14: call for submissions

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The 2013/14 CPHC/BCS Dis­tin­guished Dis­ser­ta­tions com­pet­i­tion is now open for submissions.


Graduation address: “Every success is everybody’s success”

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I was hon­oured to be asked to give the gradu­ation address at this year’s St Andrews Day cere­mony. The speech is below.


Too many numbers

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I’ve never really noticed before how over-indexed even com­mon documents are.

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